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 LEGO Star Wars Poster Graphic Design

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Instagram Images

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 LEGO Jurassic Park

Fan Content, supported by Norton & Co.

After the success of the Back To The Future Animation. LEGO got in touch to officially support our next animation, which would coincide with the film release of Jurassic World.

This allowed us to commission two professional set designers, Tim Johnson & Elspeth De Montes, to design and build the animation set and cars.


 LEGO Back To The Future

Shot at BRICK 2014

Almost all of the animation was shot on this set at Brick 2014, with only a few inserts shot at home.

Almost all of the animation was shot on this set at Brick 2014, with only a few inserts shot at home.

With support growing for the macrolegouniverse images posted on Instagram, I next wanted to create an animation using the same cinematic photography techniques.

I got in touch with BRICK, a family friendly LEGO convention being held at the Excel Arena in London, who had a section for fan built displays, and asked if they would allow us to shoot this animation there over the course of the three days.

They put me in touch with Elspeth De Montes, an unbelievably talented LEGO builder and designer who created this entire set herself. We shot over the course of BRICK and added a few inserts shot at home in the dark.

I cut and compiled the footage, then edited & graded the sequence using Premiere Pro. VFX artist Chris Hetherington then added lightning, fire and the end logo special effects using After Effects.

After posting online, it went viral and gained traction across multiple entertainment sites both domestically and internationally. It was our first experience watching analytics unfold in real time, and I’m really grateful all the work of our team is being enjoyed the world over.






magazine Cover art and Feature art Commissions

Brick Fanatics | Star Wars 20 Years of Star Wars Cover Art

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Brick Fanatics | Ford Mustang Feature Photography

Brick Fanatics Magazine | Centre Fold Feature Image

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Blocks Magazine | Freemaker Adventures Cover Art

Freemaker Adventures Cover Art

Freemaker Adventures Cover Art

Double Page Spread Artwork

Double Page Spread Artwork


Blocks Magazine | Rogue One Cover Art

Double Page Spread Commissions

Cover Art

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Blocks Magazine | Centre Fold Photography Artwork Commissions


Golden Brickies Awards

After gaining some momentum with posting images on the Macro LEGO Universe Instagram, I was looking to experiment with some animation.

LEGO then posted out that they were holding their first Golden Brickies competition, a LEGO Oscars for the best short Star Wars animation made using LEGO.

I posted my entry via instagram and received an invite to the ceremony at LEGOLAND as a finalist. Delighted to be there amongst Star Wars fans of all ages, I was expecting to simply enjoy the day and visit the park then head home, but was so surprised and thrilled to be awarded ‘Best Overall’ for my short animation entry.




This progress with this project so far has taught me invaluable skills in photography that have transferred to my other work, and has provided useful insight into how to manage content that gains thousands of followers and views.

Building on this, I’m looking to develop this content to reach a professional standard. My immediate goal is to produce animation and images that are of cinema quality, and deliver it to the fans who have supported my work so far; then ultimately my aim is to collaborate on these with LEGO and their IP brands officially.

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